Transfer’s First Haiku Contest Results!

The haikus - Photo taken by my mother on the kitchen table in her home in Willits, CA

At the Transfer 102 Release Party on December 6th 2011, we held our first-ever Haiku Contest. All twenty-four participants, using pens and scraps of paper provided by yours truly, wrote their haikus on the spot during the party. The much sought-after prizes awarded to the author of the winning haiku (aside from blog fame and bragging rights) were two Transfer issues of the winner’s choice. The optional topic was “forbidden desire.” Entries ranged from the timely: a ditty about Herman Cain and a prayer for Occupy protesters, to the timeless: a refusal to perform anal sex and Oedipal vengeance motivated by stolen Mexican food.

Angelica Barraza, the Editor in Chief who made the final editorial decisions for Transfer 102 and me, Erica Schimmel, one of last issue’s Fiction Editors, judged the poems together. The selection process was difficult as we combed through these wildly varying displays of poetic prowess.

In the end, we chose…*drum roll*
…the following haiku penned by Julien de Benedictis:

Envelope slice pause
Pacing scratch head crumple kick
Invisible Ink

Incidentally, the winner is the standout in the picture, the haiku on a yellow post-it.

We’re also posting the remaining entries and the names of their authors as a thank-you for their participation and because we enjoyed reading all of them–choosing one winner was by no means an easy task! (We also received a few entries we had to rule out solely to avoid nepotism: members of Transfer’s editorial staff who participated just for fun).

Hair swings over brow
Soft black and moist from your face
My lips crave a touch
– Pastor Bejinez

In anguish she said,
“Not to be a bother sir,
That’s the wrong entrance.”
– Walker Jones

Herman Cain has smooth.
Hands of a charming pizza,
Cheesy crust outcome.
– Russell Horvath

I don’t write haikus
I only drinks free red wine
I wish they had more
– Gillian Rose

Oh my sweet darling.
What a younger cock can do
These hands remember.
– Sandra Wassilie

Revisit locked things
Decadent like chocolates
Night and day desired
-Elen Gates

That home of hitched breaths,
That ill reprieve of regret,
That’s where I’ll find you.
– Arielle Jones (one of Transfer 103’s Fiction Editors)

Here’s a pointless verse
I swear I will never write
Another haiku
– Michael Adler (one of Transfer 102’s Managing Editors)

The iguana laughs
elephants cry, racoons die
and the moon shines high
– Sarah Cook

Swimming in the snow
Melting all that once did glow
Rays of spring and time
– Sarah Parsons

The sun is yellow.
Smile. It’s great for you.
The grass is green.
-Lakesha Pursley

Waiting and Waiting
For story to be published
Tearing my hair out
– Casey Bennett

She knew I wanted
That one forbidden desire
but I denied you
– Shay Silva Gobert

You provide free wine
glorious transfer reading
I write drunk poems
– Susan Caluillo

On cold nights like these
I think, I wonder, worry for
those outdoor occupy souls
– SB Stokes

barefoot I wander
blue flags with
needles and glue
why is it Tuesday?
-Angelica Barazza (Transfer 102’s Editor in Chief and 103’s Managing Editor)

“I’ll gauge my eyes,” says Oedi-
-pus, “of he who ate my burrito”
guacamole on his chin
– Jordon Vanderbeak

Our little heart beats
Like stars in the open night
Dance away their days.
– Jesse Brownstein

This is my haiku
Not interesting to you
Forbidden Desire.
– Jessica Groetsch

Hard Soft Smooth Rough Sweet
Vegetable Garden Fresh Paint
Vacant Emotion
-Joanie Barberian

Nothing forbidden
experience everything
in winter season
– Kathy Gilbert

A water spider
Swimming in a pond all day
Making tiny waves

– This was Matthew Davison’s first poem – he wrote it at age four

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